What Is Self Regulation And Willpower

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PSY202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
Self-Regulation and Willpower
Instructions: Use this worksheet to reflect on self-regulation and willpower. Items with a blue asterisk require completion (*).

1. Summarize the main ideas from the video and article in one paragraph each.
A. Video – “The Science of Willpower: An Interview with Kelly McGonigal”*
In this video Kelly McGonigal speaks about what willpower is to her and gives examples of what it could be. Kelly also speaks about reaching goals and how you need willpower to reach them.
At last, Kelly talks about how technology plays a big part of today’s role but how certain approaches of it could benefit or damage our every day lives.

B. Article – “Academic Delay of Gratification,
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B. The links to the video and article recommend very specific ways to use willpower. Identify at least two strategies from either the video or the article that you can use to overcome the current situation. 1.* Once again I can use the “I will, I won’t, I want” technique to tell myself that I will be better for my family or, I will try my best to stay calm and talk. I won’t argue or I won’t say things to put my wife in a offensive position. Finally, I want my marriage to succeed and that I want my family to always be happy.

2.* I didn’t see another way that I could use it to benefit my marriage.

6. Enrolling at Ashford University validates that education is one of your core values. Identify three of your educational goals that align with this core value.
1.* Finish each class with no less than a 3.0 G.P.A.

PSY202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
2.* Study every night I can and take time to thoroughly understand the topics at hand.

3.* Focus and dedicate my time to my education studies, readings, and assignments so I can succeed. 7. Explain how willpower encourages choices that are consistent with your three goals.*
Willpower encourages these goals because it shows that I truly have to do anything and everything I can to make sure I succeed even though I am a husband, father, soldier, student, and then a full-time worker. I know I face many obstacles but having that willpower will push me no