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1. Service to the Soldier (STTS) Executive Summary
STTS is new to the city of Fayetteville North Carolina and is located downtown. Fayetteville has a population of around 205,678 and growing. The city is best known as the home of Fort Bragg, a major U.S. Army installation northwest of the city. This organization has five full-time employees who provide desired support and services in a fast growing military community. STTS has been in operation for one month with a vision of expanding our support which will require larger facilities in 2-3 years. STTS’ future facilities will include the ability to host and conduct conferences in scheduled rooms, banquet halls, administrative office support areas, and amenities such as catering. Due to the desire to acquire this facility and services, it is critical for STTS to acquire robust membership and sponsors in advance for progression. It is the mission of Service to the Soldier to provide a supportive environment for retired Soldiers and family members as they adjust with the stress and uncertainty of transitioning from the Military into the civilian world.
There has been an abundance of current customer referrals to our organization which is indicative of our customer’s satisfaction with the services we provide. There are similarly limited services offered by other small individual businesses across the state. However, unlike other business’ we provide the full range of support, expertise, and capabilities under one roof. We offer all the support and services in one location provided by veterans who have the experience and knowledge that the customer requires.
This plan currently focuses only on the veterans and transitioning service members within the first incremental stages. Below is a list of services offered to our customers to include growth objectives for the next two years. The specific objectives of this marketing plan are:
In one year, we will have doubled our staff and moved to a larger facility
In two years we will have a second facility
Most of this new growth will come from growing membership, sponsorship and donations
In two years STTS will increase its revenue by sponsoring events and membership drives
In two years STTS will become the premier and only company for retiring and transitioning service members to receive quality assistance
SSTS has two marketing plans that are currently under review to be refined. The additional marketing plan are both product development strategies – which will primarily focus on providing new services to our current market.
One marketing plan focuses on adding conference rooms suitable for military and civilian leaders to conduct or attend conferences. That marketing plan requires STTS to provide a superior level of services and support more marketable than the Fort Bragg Club which is currently offered similar types functions. A more efficient room with Video Teleconference (VTC) capabilities, secure communications, and computer connections.
Another marketing plan calls for STTS to offer several retreat packages to our customers. The additional services have been requested by customers and the situation analysis conducted for these marketing plans provide support for the plans.
Both plans are likely to build additional awareness and marketing opportunities that can be utilized for the expansion of STTS to further provide more services nationally.
Situation Analysis
2. Situation Analysis
This marketing plan begins with an analysis of the market facing Service to the Soldier.
This includes the following:
2.1 Service to the Soldier (STTS) Company Analysis:
Service to the Soldier (STTS) is located in Downtown Fayetteville North Carolina. The city has a population of around 205,678, it is best known as the home of Fort Bragg, a major U.S. Army installation northwest of the city.
STTS is new to the city of Fayetteville –STS focus is on the Retired and Transitioning Soldiers –Soldier population on just Fort Bragg is