What Is The Argument For The Nobel Peace Award Persuasive Essay

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Nominating Ronald Reagan for the Nobel Peace Prize

Ronald Reagan was president of the United States for eight years, and during that time, he forged solid political allies that remained firm after he left office, co-created a treaty that reduced nuclear missiles from the world, and ended a cold war without bloodshed. However, there is not a solitary moment one could point to and define as his singular greatest moment for peace. The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the highest honors in the world, and as such, the weight of its worth should not be taken lightly. Ronald Reagan should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for three reasons: his efforts as an advocate for democracy; his work to end the cold war; and his protection strategy of "peace through strength" which protected not only the United States, but other nations around the globe.
The original requirements for the Nobel peace prize are
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Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard executed a communist coup and overthrew the Grenadian government. When citizens loyal to the previous regime resisted the new leadership, the former Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was killed (Diggins, 2007). At the time of the coup, eight hundred American medical students were attending St. George School of Medicine. However, the new government would not allow them to leave (“The Invasion of Grenada”, n.d.). Six neighboring countries asked the US for help with the intensifying crisis (Schweizer, 2002). “Peace through strength” is a phrase often associated Ronald Reagan, and is an accurate way of characterizing another aspect of his foreign policy Peace through strength is another way of saying the best defense is a good offense. By spending more on U.S. defense, Reagan was using military might as a deterrent from an opponent’s attack. He was using the threat of being formidable as the deterrent from having to prove military strength (Lettow,