What Is The Basic Elements Of Music

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Introduction 01
1.) Describe the basic elements of music
2.) Understand and discuss pitch and melody and their roles in a piece of music
3.) Discuss some of the notations and language used to distinguish rhythm in a piece of music
4.) Understand dynamics and its effects on music
5.) Analyze and discuss form in musk and how this involves other elements of music

Music is all around us everywhere we go. In the stores, at offices, on TV, in the car and maybe even at school.
All genres of music can be related in one way or another even though it may seem hard they are all common in some way.
The various elements of music are what give music its unique characteristics

The Elements of Music 02
Pitch – is then some sounds seem to be higher or lower than others. It is also the total frequency of a sound. It relates to the highness or lowness of a sound. The faster a vibration a higher the tone is and therefore has a higher pitch.

In the West, music uses twelve pitches.

Octave – is a repetition of these pitches. The same note, for example, A in two different places on the guitar is an octave. It gives a different pitch, but is the same note.
Scale – Is a group of notes in ascending and descending pitch. Scales are typically referenced by syllables Do, Re, Me, Fa, So (or Sol), La, Ti, Do

The Elements of Music 03
Rhythm – is another fundamental aspect of music. It is the timing of the music and all the notes in the piece. It is composed of strong accented pulses as well as weaker unaccented pulses.

Some scholars believe we first recognize rhythm in the mother womb