What Is The Beginning Of The End Essay

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The Beginning of the End
When you are a small child, you never image that you will be stabbed. You never think that your life will end early. When you are a child, you think ahead to your adulthood. All you can think about is the things that you will do when that time approaches. You never think so far ahead to your death. But sometimes you are forced to do that. I was one of the people that was forced to think ahead to my death. Not because I wanted to but because I believed that it was so close.
As the knife was jabbed into my body the sharp ache I got. Along with the pain and the agony I felt as it was pulled out, and pushed back into me. When I hit the concrete all I could do was look back at my life thinking about how I got to this point. What really was so important that my life was left hanging in the balance, and now I will lose it. But as I lay there in that puddle of blood I knew that my time was almost up. No one would know where to look for me or if I was hurt or not. But as I lay there thinking I really wanted someone to find me. I never imaged that I would die alone. Then again I never imagined that I would die at such a young age. I am only thirteen years old. This can not be happening to me right now.
As I slipped in and out of consciousness I just knew this was the beginning of the end. Whatever I do now will determine whether I will live or not. But every bone in my body was broken, and I had eighteen stab wounds. Blood was literally the only thing that I could see, and the fact that it was mine was very shocking. My body was so I weak I could speak. So I knew that I would not be