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1. What is the current status of Asian carp (1) in the Chicago river and canal and (2) in Lake Michigan? Indicate this by summarizing data on the number of fish, actions taken, actions not taken, etc. (State your references.)
Asian carp have been found in the Illinois River, which connects the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan. Due to their large size and rapid rate of reproduction, these fish could pose a significant risk to the Great Lakes ecosystem. over the past few years, removing more than 2.7 million pounds of Asian carp. (http://www.asiancarp.us) Flooding waters allowed them to escape and establish reproducing populations in the wild by the early 1980s. At present, bighead carp have been found in the open waters of 23 states and silver carp in 17 states. Asian carp represent over 97% of the biomass in portions of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers and are swiftly spreading northward up the Illinois River in the direction of the Great Lakes. Actions taken: The Illinois DNR continues to work with contracted commercial fishers to prevent Asian carp from approaching the Chicago Area Waterway System and electric barrier system in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal at Romeoville.

Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins Separation.

If done right, hydrologic separation will involve smart investments that establish new infrastructure in the Chicago area that make the region more globally competitive. Hydrologic separation will also improve water quality and wildlife habitat by upgrading treatment of wastewater and storm water. The result can be a revitalized Chicago Waterway System that:
•Closes the highway for invasive species;
•Enhances Chicago's transportation system;
•Creates local and regional jobs;
•Reduces business costs across the region, and;
•Improves water quality, tourism, and recreation.
People need to be made aware of cleaning their boats off and where the throw bait and other fish.

2.Based on what…