What Is The Generation C Essay

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Generation C The 1960's, "An age of selfishness, indulgence, and self authority. America was at war with Vietnam and the traditional customs the nation had embraced for so many years prior were being to crumble. A counter culture was beginning to take rise and the youth were set out to change the ideals and values that had been established. People wanted more in life and sought out anything that would could increase their individuality. They wanted to gather with others who shared similar beliefs and ideals, they wanted ways to get their message heard nationwide, and they most importantly wanted change. Advances in technology began to increase as means to answer solve their problems. In 1962 the first cassette tape was introduced, in 1963 the video disk was created,1967 saw the first hand held calculator and by 1969, the US had ultimately stunned the world be sending the first man to the moon. America was becoming infatuated with technology and progressively becoming more reliant on it. Like every generation, new technology was consuming the masses and playing and influential role in society. The generations to follow certainly continued this trend. Generation Y, the children of the sixties baby boomers, were called the Millennia's. Like Generation X, the sixties, Generation Y was looking for new and innovative products and gadgets that would make their lives easier and more fulfilling. People who were born during this 1977-1994 period were introduced to the first videogames, walkman, and cell phones. They would ultimately pave the way for the most influential inventions to follow, and nourish the people that would who would soon depend on it the most. Generation C, the people of 1994-2004. Controlling, complex, computer, consumers and creative are just a few of the terms that can be used to describe this revolutionary generation and the people who encompass it. Those who were born during this period are the byproducts of Generation Y. Like their parents, the C-ers have experienced an accelerated development of new technology which would change their traditional culture drastically. Generation C-ers are technology savvy, digital natives, and the first generation to have always known the digital world. What was cool a couple years ago is now old news. Today it seems like every month there is a new and innovative product that is "Thinner, sleeker, faster and will change your life forever." What Generation C really embodies is being connected. The advancement of social networking websites, MP3 players, smart phones and technology as a whole have changed the we'll communicate forever. Social networking sites connect people with friends and family, their favorite musician, celebrities, religious organization, political party, clothing brands, etc. and put them at the users fingertips. They all have a similar purpose of bringing people together. Whether sifting through tweets on Twitter, scrolling down newsfeeds on Facebook, or browsing through pictures on Instagram, you, like millions of other people, are connecting with other individuals. Today, because of social networking sites like Facebook, I now know that I am only just a few mouse clicks away from family members who live thousands of miles away or a old buddy I lost touch with. It has made communication relatively effortless and instant. A study conducted by IBM reported that 70% of why people where active on social networks was to connect with family and friends (Solis). Social network sites dig deeper than just friends and family and also provide relevant news and other pop culture information. Now, Instead of spending money on a newspaper or cable subscription, a person can create a free social network account and not break the bank. 49% of consumers use social network sites strictly stay connected to the news (Solis). It is no secret that social networking sites have been around for years, but none have been able to mobilize so many young adults and