What Is The Importance Of Education Essay

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Education plays a key role in the way we live in society. We as immigrants see it as the only way to leave the poor caste system and move up in society where education lead us to better jobs and opportunities. Therefore, most of the people we see success in life come from very educated backgrounds from prestige schools. They hold offices and their voices shape our society. Our parents especially understand this. This is why they push us to seek a college degree, for us to find that same success everyone else is a part of. In this day of age education plays such an important role in pursuing an education, finding a career, and learning how to overcome challenges along the way. My mother always knew the importance of education even though …show more content…
Job security is never a guarantee, but as college students we continue to hear from media outlets and professionals that the jobs are not there and finding a job after graduating continues to be a growing issue in the U.S. However, I have realized that finding a job is marketing itself. We have to market ourselves for that position. The only way to be the best option for a company is having advantages over the competition. Marketing and advertising has become a huge industry and taking in every aspect of it greatly increases my skill set over other people. I had the chance to learn photography and film throughout high school and as my personal hobby. Throughout the years I have realized that most companies lack proper marketing. They do not have a clear direction or knowledge as to how they can promote their business outwards. This has them waiting for customers to come to them versus them seeking their customers. I strongly believe that my skill set of film editing and photography help companies grow. Not only that, but I continue to increase my skill set by branching out into diverse marketing areas. Some of them being data analysis by learning excel and managing data in my free