What Is The Importance Of Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Leading the Way in Leadership What makes a successful leader? It can be a variety of things, as clearly demonstrated by William Golding’s novel The Lord of the Flies. The book highlights the leadership styles of Jack, the authoritative and rule-by-fear type, and Ralph, who relies on hope and mutual drives. The boys that followed Jack ended up becoming aggressive killing machines, and they lost the vast majority of their humanity. Ralph led the boys down a more collaborative and teamwork-oriented path, up until nearly all of the boys turned to Jack as their leader. This in itself beings to tell what type of leadership is more effective. Through a careful analysis of the success of both Jack and Ralph, authoritative leadership can be seen as the most effective form of controlling a group, which can show how people in real life should try to lead. Throughout the story, there were countless instances in which the leading style of Jack was more successful than Ralph’s less aggressive approach. Ralph figured that all of the boys would contribute to building the shelters because they all needed them and would benefit from the shelter. He was horribly mistaken and was stuck building with just Simon by his side. On the other hand, if Jack thought he needed to get …show more content…
In Lord of the Flies alone, it proved to get others to do one’s wishes more effectively in many different examples. Ralph’s collaborative approach motivated very few boys to help build shelter, whereas Jack got boys to rat out their friends. Jack also got what he wanted the most in the killing of Piggy. Even the conclusion of the story showed that a more commanding and aggressive leadership produces a better outcome by the rescue from the island. Although it may not have been Golding’s intention, he did a wonderful job showing the benefits of aggressive ruling. That is what makes a successful