What Is The Importance Of Report Writing

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Constable Cook spoke on report writing the significance of report writing pertaining to police work, investigations, and building cases to land a verdict in court. Constable Cook opens his lecture by laying the foundation of the importance of report writing by comparing it to a first impression. He emphasized the importance of a first impression. Constable Cook spoke on how your first impressions offer people insight and opinions pertaining to you.
Constable Cook advised how your report is the first impression you give to the District Attorney. He spoke on how you might know or not know the District Attorney so the first contact you have with the District Attorney or anybody involved with the case is through your report. Your report is your voice to the District Attorney and the courts. Your report is a product of you and your work; it also speaks about your department. With your report being an initial greeting or introduction it is important that you use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is important to show hard work effort and diligence, which can be seen through your report writing.
Constable Cook advised an effective report must be proficient. Hess also advised of the importance of proficiency when dealing with report writing. Officers spending time, thought, and energy while writing a report can pay off in the end. Not only are good reports a great way to make a first impression but it shows work habit and ethic. It shows determination to accomplish a verdict. Constable Cook advised showing lack while writing a report can cause someone who should be locked up to roam free. Constable Cook advised you can never obtain too much information. Constable Cook advised there is not a thing as too much of a thorough search. He spoke on the importance of documentation. He gave example on ways to document from notes to audio recording. Going back to add information in a report is not recommended, however adding information through a supplement is very highly recommended. Constable Cook advised it is hard to take things out of your report but it is easier to add information to a report. So while completing a report concentration is a key and good note taking is a key. Constable Cook and Hess both put emphasizes on keeping a story line or chronological order while writing a report. This helps tell the story of events and also helps the officer while on the stand and the defense attorney trying to rip his report and actions apart. Reports might be read by many different people. This is another factor why it is important to have an effective report. Individuals from the prosecution, the judge, sometimes the jury, city officials, media, other officer and supervisors are some of the groups of people who might read or have access to your report. The defense attorney uses the report wrote by the officer to discredit the officer the arrest and the charges. Effective report writing can assist the prosecution in building a