What Is The Karma Of This Project?

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What is the karma of this project?

Karma is a law ruling all others. Where the basic saying is: “it all comes back to you”. In life, if you do positive things, you get positive results and if you have positive thoughts you experience positive things around you. Karma is your ally if you are motivated in reaching positive objectives through positive means and activities.

Now, is your project getting out of hand?
What are the sources of the problems?
Why is this happening?
Do you get any results from your attempts to make things work?

While you continue to use all your energy, knowledge, experience and skills to stir the project towards its objectives, you should also be taking some time to just “stand back” and look at it from a much more global angle.

Who is involved in this project? Look at all the stakeholders, from the sponsors to the direct participants all the way down to the ultimate community of customers? Do all these people deserve this project to be implemented, on time within budget and with all the required and desired functionalities delivered above expectations?

Does the original sponsor deserve his idea to become a success?
What were his personal motivations to start this in the first place?
Does the community, the workers, the residents, the taxpayers or the government deserve the outcome you are trying to achieve?

And, how about you?
How humble are you about your contribution to this project?
Do you deserve your own contributions to be recognized by others?

This being said, the project karma may be completely overturned by different events occurring over time and these could be completely changing the perceived karmic energy around this project.
The people involved may rapidly change (by promotion, resignation, side moves, retirement, etc.). External events may occur overnight.
In fact, anything can happen, for example the whole project may be cancelled at any given time for a completely unforeseen reason. For example: a natural gas power plant project is stopped halfway because the oil prices are suddenly down relatively lower than ever before in recent history.

Even if this “karmic analysis” exercise is not going to help you achieve any better, just analyzing things from a completely external perspective from the actual minute by minute events will help you to let go some of that stress you are steadily building up over time.

Learning to “let go”