What Is The Loss Of Someone Special

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Yalonda Lee
Dr. Sinclair
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September 29, 2014
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The Loss of Someone Special My grandmother was a strong woman. No matter what her circumstances where with her health due to her having cancer. She never let the knowledge of her being tremendously sick steal her joy she had for life. I loved her unconditionally. She was the woman who shaped me into the young lady I am today through hard work and discipline. She taught me to never give up even though things may seem as if they are getting worse before they start getting better. Furthermore, on that cold gloomy morning March 9, 2006 my mother told me my grandmother had passed away I felt like my life was coming to an end because of all the special memories we shared and the close knitted bond we had together. The memories that we shared was impeccable from the time we spent talking at the table over a hot meal we prepared together about the good old days of her childhood till the moments we just lay around on Monday nights watching wrestling one of her favorite TV shows she loved to watch. When my grandmother life came to a sudden end from a battle of dealing with lung cancer; that she had been fighting with for many years. Her health going from better to worst every day that she lived. From that very day on I promised to her spirit and myself that I would forever remember her, and I would never let anyone or anything get in my way and hinder me from achieving my goals.
Moreover, throughout the whole day all I could think about was not having my grandmother here with me to comfort me through life and enjoying the accomplishments I concurred. Whereas, the thoughts in my head got so empowered that it cause a ringing in my ears that force mountains of tears out of my red stinging eyes making the muscles in my body to tense up seeming as if I was suffocating. I just had to escape the feeling of being torture from all the memories we shared within me.
For the most part, after I realize that my grandmother may be gone but the thoughts and memories of her will always be with me in a special place that nobody can interfere with my heart! From that day forward I vowed that I would always entwine apiece of her in everything I do because she is who made me become what I am today through all the hard work that came before me I would always remembered my grandmother face and say to myself what would my grandmother think if she saw me today. Attending college to better my chances in becoming a more successful nurse that will one day work alongside the doctors that will one day find a cure for cancer. I know she would be so proud of me for staying focus and wanting to make a difference in my life as well as others lives to.
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