What Is The Mood In Bill Bryson's A Walk In The Woods

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Do you know the feeling of knowing at any moment you can plummet to your death and never see the world again? The American author Bill Bryson knows the feeling. He was all too familiar with it on his journey on the Appalachian Trail. He and his friend Katz take on the scary trail head on in “A Walk In the Woods” Bill Bryson has a great sense of mood, you can tell by his descriptive setting and chilling sensory in the story “A Walk In the Woods”’.
Starting off, Bill Bryson uses the treacherous words to show the tense and dangerous atmosphere. He talks about the winding and thin path he climbs during a snowstorm as “Even in ideal conditions, this path requires delicacy and care” (Line 38). He uses the the words such as delicacy and