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What Is The Proper Way?
Is there a correct way to do something? Ponder this question while watching another person swing a golf club, shoot a basketball or just throw a ball. It is noticeable all around, people have different ways and means of doing common activity’s. Can it be true that one way is more effective then others? Every person has a unique style and personality that effects how they carry out tasks There are always many methods or routes a person can take when performing an activity that can be just as effective. This question has affected me most of my life and has always been something that I have wondered about. Prior to my high school freshmen basketball season I shot by holding the ball directly in front of my face. Not once did I think anything bad of it until I was immediately criticized. My coach taught me to hold the ball just to the right of my ear with my right arm at a ninety degree angle. He explained, that my original shooting form was not the proper way. But what makes something proper or improper? Is proper doing something like everyone else and improper do something in your own creative way. I don’t necessarily know the answer to this question but my ideal is that every individual naturally does something a certain way, yet can eventually adapt to what is most common among their peers. Anyhow after two months practicing my shot I gained a great amount of comfort and confidence due to my development. However, because I decided to tweak my shot does not mean it was wrong in the first place. My way of thinking about it is that it just was not the way for me. People have the ability to experiment with different methods in order to obtain a sense of fortitude.
Take for example professional basketball, professional baseball, and professional golf. In the NBA you will notice some players who have “unorthodox shots.” I stared to wonder that sometime during their high school or college career someone must have tried to critique their shot. I figured