What Is The Purpose Of Patrick Henry's Speech

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S: The speaker is Patrick Henry he is known for being the strongest orator of the American Revolution that contributes to his ethos. Patrick also was a political leader, serving as governor of Virginia General Assembly.

O: The time Patrick Henry delivers his speech is in the year 1775 at the Virginia Convention. The current situation that gave rise to his speech was that Britain was subjuable to their lands, waters and sending military force, yet the political men attending the convention and those who spoke before Patrick were to blind to notice, so urged that they must find for their independence.

A: The group of readers whom this speech is directed to is the British King, political men, British followers, the colonists, England, and for the people of England. Considering the different levels of the audience he delivers his speech with facts and with a respectful way of speaking towards the political men at the convention. Keeping in mind Patrick also had to persuade
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Patrick aslo had a purpose to inspire all those men at the convention to fight for their country and take back their independence.

S: Subjects presented in this text are independence, liberty, and how they have become slaves to the British rule but also how they need to fight for their birthright which is their freedom.

T: Patrick tends to use a lot of rhetorical questions as a rhetorical device but is serious while asking them and even answers them to make it very clear. Patrick Henry uses charged words like slavery, subjugation and insidious which would make his tone dead serious especially since those words were not use light-hearted. He also has an obvious tone of being disappointed that everyone present in the convention has allowed it to reach that far, but empowered to save their