What Is The Purpose Of Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

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Rachel Carson fights against the impacts of chemicals like DDT and other harmful chemicals that hurt the world. She confronts many appeals to influence as many people as she can but she aims for all of the people of America to change their ways and protect nature. The purpose of Carson’s Silent Springs is to make people aware of the negative impacts they are causing in the environment. She tries to influence everyone she can by making her arguments appealing in many different aspects from intellectual to emotional. Rachel Carson is a very influential writer and she successfully accomplished her goal and created awareness everywhere.
Rachel Carson starts out her book by telling a story about this town that was practically perfect. Then suddenly everything went downhill to the point where people were dying of an unknown illness but it did not stop there; it killed livestock and wildlife as well. Of course this was only a story she had created but she ends the chapter stating “this town does not actually exist,
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On page 19, there can be found diagrams of the compounds she describes as to how they can be changed to become more effective and powerful. Carson uses many instances of supporting evidence like, “For example, a quantity of iodine as small as two ten-thousandths of a gram spells the difference between health and disease,” from the quote you can see she uses examples (22). There are many other points in this book where Carson uses examples to support a claim she makes and she uses results from studies as well to get her point across. There are references to two doctors who are renowned in their fields and have done studies on DDT. She mentions how they cannot agree whether there is a limit to which the human body can hold DDT and how much the average person contains in their