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1/What is the relationship between food and good health? What lessons should parents teach their children about eating well and maintaining a healthy weight?
Nutrition is very important and necessary to maintain good health for each individual in daily life. As many people know and understand, vitamins and minerals are essential to many functions of the human body such as energy metabolism, the repair and maintenance of the body structure, protection from oxidative damage and immunity from diseases. People receive nutrition through the process of eating and digesting foods, so evaluating and adjusting the foods to eat could help to improve health and wellness. Therefore, eating healthy foods is very significant to keep up good health and happy life.
Furthermore, parents should teach their children about eating well and maintaining a healthy weight. For example, they should advise and explain to their children to never skip meals because having a good eating habit with good portion sizes of foods and nutrition could help them increasing energy intake to be able to perform all the physical activities and balance their daily life activity as well. Parents should encourage their children to eat more vegetables because it consumes a lot of vitamins and proteins. Also, parents should try not to let their children to eat many fast foods because it could increase weight quickly. Parents should inspire their children to keep up on their physical activities and exercises to help maintaining a healthy body weight as well as helping to stay heathy and physically fit. Overall, to have good nutrition and weight maintenance, people need to moderate and make smart choices for their food intakes and physical activity performances.

2/What kinds of food keep us healthy? What health benefits do these foods offer? How often should we eat them?
People should eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and whole grains in order to keep them healthy. It contains lots of different vitamins, proteins and minerals. Although people could get this from all different sources of foods, vegetables, fruits and fish would be the best sources. These foods help the human bodies function properly. Vitamins and minerals also support the immune system and prevent sickness. Moreover, healthy foods could reach the requirement of proper health and growth in