What Is The Twenty-28 Amendment Essay

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The United States needs a twenty-eighth amendment, in this amendment we will be able to address the issue of immigration. With the whole wall situation and illegal immigration going on we have decided to change how this law will work. So first we already know that we have illegal immigrants who are pregnant that come over here and they are smart enough to come when they are about to go into labor and have children. When this happens it is the duty and the right of that person or individual born in this nation to be considered a United States Citizen. Secondly we have children brought over here when they are under the age of eighteen years of age. when this happens any child that is seventeen and younger illegally brought here to the United States without a dwelling, guardian, or United States identity they would then be considered a United states citizen due …show more content…
Even though it is not stated in the amendment the immigrants that were not apart of the United States before are to be sent back to where they have came from. The government's powers in this matter are completely regulated to keep one branch of government from overthrowing out what the other has done they have to depend on each other for the process. The twenty-eighth amendment does not apply to any legal United States citizens. It does not change the right or affect the right of any United States citizens because they are the legal people of the United States. The amendment is necessary because it helps regulate the amount of people in and out of the United States. With the new system and amendment in place it assures that the United States will not become over populated from outside merging. The format will help increase the national security because it’s keeping the unwanted citizens out of the nation to make sure we don’t become