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Lela Smith Smith 1
English 1
4 April 2013

Racial Profiling Imagine getting pulled over and later realizing it was because of skin color. Racial Profiling is when people are discriminated against because of race. According to 1 in 23 Black, Latino, or even Muslims are getting arrested for just being that race. According to Brandon Goyette, Studies show that in 2004, 32 million people reported that they were unfairly singled out by law enforcement because of their race, according to a new Amnesty International report. That number is almost as close as the entire population of Canada. Racial profiling is problematic because police aren’t following their own laws, innocent people are getting arrested, and it increases the amount or riots that happen. Racial Profiling is a problem in society because police are taking advantage of the power that they possess. Police pull people over for their skin color, appearance, the way that they look, or just that they had a history with them and they don’t like that particular person. According to CBS Philly In the article ACLU Suing Nutter over Stop and Frisk,” ACLU is suing Mayor Michael Nutter for passing a law stating that cops can “stop and frisk” anybody at any given time. Mayor Nutter says that “If we use this strategy and tactic, in a proper way could effectuate safety. This quote shows that Mayor Nutter wants to try and make Philadelphia a safer place but, telling cops that they can pull people over to see if they have something just isn’t right. This quote shows that a cop can pull you over according to suspicion involving the particular suspect. It also shows that Mayor Nutter means well by his actions, but some people don’t think that he was trying to “effectuate safety” as he stated in his defense while in court. Some people think that Mayor Nutter’s law was “somewhat effective” as Commissioner Ramsey said. He also stated that “we certainly do not want to be stopping people without reasonable suspicion that we need to conduct a stop. But just because someone is complaining and they want to play the race card doesn’t mean it’s an inappropriate stop” This means that just because you are stopped, doesn’t mean that you are being stopped because of race, it could mean that you are a wanted criminal. Racial profiling causes innocent people to get arrested for mainly stupid things Another effect of racial profiling is that innocent people are getting arrested. As it states in PBS.org’s article on social issues in America, Ray Suarez, and President Barack Obama were having an interview on Professor Henry Louis Gates’ false arrest for “breaking into” his own home when he left his keys on the ship. “A 58 year old head of Harvard’s