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1. Paper seemed to outnumber the others. 2. In my perspective, I think if all the APES parents did this, the waste items would be significantly different. My parents would use a lot of recyclable items. They would recycle more than they would throw out. I think they would be very disgusted at how much waste they would have to carry around with them just to bring it home. 3. I think majority of the students would be honest. But honestly, I think that some would fake it because maybe it would be difficult for them to keep the waste with them. Maybe there would be a lot of things hindering them from taking the waste back home. 4. YES!!!! I usually buy cookies at the concession stand every morning, but I stopped because I knew that I would have to take it home with me and I hate having garbage in my purse. I just started eating candy and granola bars at home so I didn’t have to carry any trash around with me. My perspective didn’t change much on water. I usually carry around my own washable bottle. The only time I really drank out of a plastic bottle was when I went out of town. 5. It was actually a good experience. It made me realize that my trash will always end up somewhere regardless of where I put it. Carrying around waste was not my favorite thing to do but it helped me realize that I shouldn’t need to be eating packaged food AND that I should start eating healthier! 6. I wouldn’t really change anything. However, I think it would be more