Essay about What Is Truth - Comparison of Plato and Peirce's Philosophy

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What is Truth?

For thousands of years, mankind has persistently pursued truth, knowledge, and understanding. For most, this pursuit is a driving force which usually doesn't end until one finds a "truth" that is satisfying to him or her. Even then, however, one may choose to look for an alternate truth that may be even more satisfying to them. This pursuit does not always follow the same path for everyone as there are different ideas as to how truth is actually obtained and which is the best way to obtain it. Two individuals and great philosophers of their time, Plato and Charles Peirce, each had their own ideas on how truth and knowledge could be obtained. One of the main differences between Plato's and Peirce's philosophies
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As shown through Plato's writings of Socrates' dialogues, the community was used as a type of forum for discussion for Plato and Socrates. They were trying to come up with solutions through speaking with members of the community in hope that the greater truth could be reached by collective reasoning and recollection. Peirce believes that a social relation among believers as well as individual connections is necessary to find truth. Peirce argues that through the scientific method, the community's beliefs will eventually converge to one that is most in tune with reality. I tend to agree more with the philosophy of Peirce rather than Plato. The scientific method and pragmatism will lead to a greater understanding than relying on intuition and recollection. With the scientific method the results can be seen and progress can be made more easily through the disproving of hypotheses. I believe that truth is gained a posteriori, or after experience. I will use rape as an example to show my belief. I have never experienced rape, but I know that it is bad. This may sound like a priori but although I have never experienced an actual rape, I have experienced feelings associated with rape that makes me know that it is bad. Being forced to do something one has no control over and violating their rights, or the trying thereof is something I have experienced and this experience can be