What Is Worldview

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Paulette Smithmeyer
April 20,2014
Dr. Jim Uhley

Worldview Christian worldview is distinguished by portraying our universe, individualism and at unlocking the issues we find ourselves in. Thoughts and opinions that society hold perpetually, move their logic and demeanor. Worldview/life-view are opinions and living views that affect your mind, body and your daily life. Looking at worldview it is a point of view. It can be values, emotions, ethics, cultural, etc. It is how someone interprets the world. We all have our own point of view or opinion. I can agree or disagree with how you perceive it. That is what makes each of us our own individual and each one of of unique. We have our owns thoughts, beliefs, ideas and certainties. The existence of God is forever. There is no beginning and no end. One of God's attributes is love. He has loved his creations from the day that he formed man out of dust. God is a God that does not change, does not lie, does not change his mind as we a human beings do. The Bible shows that God reveled himself many times and in many ways. Each of these were to offer the insight into his personality, attributes of his character such as his love, his authority power and righteousness. When a man dies he who has been faithful unto the Lord will have eternal life. We have the glorious life that never ends. It is God's own life living in us. We will be full and free, like a natural spring that keeps bubbling up and producing clean fresh cool water even in times of drought. We will have a close relationship with Our Heavenly Father and His son. It is the peace, assurance, joy, comfort, strength, hope and a never ending life with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven. God organized the heavens and the world in the beginning. The earth without shape, emptyness and full of darkness and Gods spirit was hovering. Then God produced man from the dust of the ground and heaved life into him and man became an existing spirit. Then God proceeded to fulfill his purpose by placing man in front of the tree of life (Christ as life in the form of food). God does this so man will receive him and eat of him organically and metabolically. The tree of life grows along two sides of the river of water of life. This shows that it is a vine. The tree of knowledge (Satan) the source of death. These are things that are not a part of God. Tree of life causes us to be dependent on God and the tree of knowledge causes us to rebel against him and be independent. God tells Adam and Eve out of every tree in the garden you may eat freely, but the tree of knowledge you are not eat if you do it shall cause you to die. The serpent (Devil) tricks Eve telling her that it is okay to eat from this forsaken tree. This is how Satan comes into corrupt us and damage society and frustrating God from carrying out his eternal purpose. Woman is weaker than man and that is why the serpent used her. Using Eve, Satan knew she would have doubt of God's word. This is where the curse = the consequence of sin. Through sin God's creation is ruined and corrupted. The human race is sinful and cannot sufficiently handle sin, but God reclaims humanity and can fully handle sin. God's word is the truth of God, “Hangeth the earth upon nothing” Job 26:7 The Bible forms one sanctuary of truth that does not belie itself ecclesiastical, righteously, sincerely, puritanical, accurately, authentic, or in any other way. The story about the handwriting on the wall is found in the 5th chapter of Daniel.(Holy Bible Recovery Version) “Belshazzar hosted a feast with a thousand of his lords and ladies. Suddenly, a horrifying hand appeared out of nowhere and began to write on a wall. The king was daunted and asked for someone to interpret the writing. Daniel was found and gave the interpretation. After the interpretation, then they clothed Daniel with scarlet, and put a chain of gold about his neck, and made a proclamation concerning