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A friend is a person with whom one has a bond with mutual affections, this can be with family or someone anonymous. Friends have been an important part of a human’s life for a long time. A friends is a person one can rely on for an honest opinion it is also someone who knows all of the quirky small details and someone who is there in times of need. There are many qualities to a friend that can make a person’s life more positive and simple.
First of all a friend is a person you can rely on. Being able to rely on someone in your life allows you to get an honest second opinion. These honest opinions can come in handy in dating, fashion, and family situations. If one can rely on this individual to talk logically when needed, often it is very beneficial to them. Personally if I didn’t have friends, I would make a lot of erratic mistakes. Friends can often give an opinion that is rational and usually unbiased. This brings in a more logical side. As a friend you receive and give your true opinion. Regardless of what someone may want to hear, there is a truth to be told and that is what a friend will do. Having a voice of reason makes life a lot easier. In my eyes his is a very important role to play.
Another quality of a good friend is how much they truly know about you. Knowing one single individual that can recall the knowledge of one’s favorite movies, what current boy you likes, pointless family drama, and know your moods like the back of their hand is very unique. Throughout my few years of life I have grown very close to many friends and to me it is very neat to know that they understand my phobias and fetishes in a way that nobody else ever will. These people we call our friends, typically know the oddest things and the most important things about us. Having someone know those details makes them better understand why certain things are done the way they are. It is a great feeling, to know that there is another person who can relate to you and truly know what you are like. There is never a front that has to be put up. It is a relationship where two people can completely let go and be who they want to be. Whether that’s crazy, wild, calm, or reserved. If they are your friend they most likely relate to yourself. For any