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What is a Right???
Rights: You have the right to say no, you have your own opinion, you have the right to vote, you have to right to your own ideas, you have the right to leave when you don’t feel comfortable, you have the right to protest,
-All humans are born free and equal in dignity.
-Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security.
-No one shall be held in slavery or servitude.

1. A right is something a person is allowed to do without consequences.
2. Universal rights are world wide
3. Age, age is an important factor. For example, people of Australia aren’t allowed to vote until the age of 18
4. Another example, women weren’t allowed to vote before 1920, they were excluded from the vote
5. Rights are set to tell others what they can do freely, to a certain extent. Laws are rules that are put down so people don’t do stuff against human rights.
What do we already know about rights?
Every human has them, they are an option and everyone gets them automatically at birth. Rights have been around for thousands of years becoming more and more important, relevant and better. In the time when the pyramids were being built and there were thousands of slaves, people had close to no rights. If you were lucky and were in with the right crowd, you might get a few rights. Some rights are just simply natural rights, in which people except is wrong and what should be done, for example, people knew it was wrong to kill, so they didn’t.
As the years went by more and more rights were being introduced. More people were happy with what they were allowed to do
Give us some examples of rights.
You have the right to vote, say no. You have the right to your own opinion
How have rights changed over the last three thousand years. Places, dates… (What does this tell us about rights over time?) (Could be two paragraphs)
Humans have gained more rights, like the right for women to vote, and eventually black people to vote. Everyone became more and more equal.
How does place effect rights?
Places are important when coming to the placement of rights, for example, in places where there is war people don’t get the opinion in freedom or in some cases their own say. And in Australia, there is no reason for rights to be invalid. They just work out, well.
How useful are written rights… but then again what do we have?

Rules for writing essays.
An essay is an answer to a question that requires opinion and an argument, this means you need to… PLAN
If you can start with a quote.
Line 1, get your readers attention.
Line 2, address the question.
Lines 3+ explain the content of your essay.
Line X argument/thesis.

Title: Topic sentence.
Evidence: Quotes, stats and facts.
Explanation: explain how this is related to the subject and the question.
Link to the topic sentence and question.

Research and define/explain the following terms
“Jim Crow Laws”
Bill of rights

Read and explain the message of Sources 31.3, 31.4 and 31.5 on page 106 of the Pearson text book
Read pages 110 to 114 and answer questions 4-6

3.1.3: Every human deserves to be equal, treated fairly and have the same rights.
3.1.4: Everyone has their own opinion, and can freely express their religion.
3.1.5: 1.

The action or state of setting someone or something apart from others.
The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965.
A statement of the rights of a class of people
A body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
It was dangerous because they were daring the government to do something about what they were told not to do. Freedom Riders went on busses next to white people and waited for a racist act.
John Lewis called himself a “nonviolent soldier” because all he ever did was catch a bus, and sit, nothing else.
A white man was beat because