Essay on What Is a World View?

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This paper was written by Scottie I. De Hart for Apol 104 at Liberty University and uploaded 02/07/13 I hope it is an encouragement to you.

Part I. What is a world view? A world view determines what is valued deeply by the individual it guides and gives us a sense of what is worth living and dying for and everything in between. These valuations come from both internal and external sources and can vary greatly even when examined in the same culture and family.
Part II. What is believed in a Christian Worldview?

1. The Question of Origin –
In Genesis 1:1 (King James Version) we are taught that God has created everything we see around us. The deeper question that must follow is where God came from. This question is answered in John 1:1-3. God was here in the beginning, before time was created God was. When Abraham asked what God should be called, God answered I am instead of, I was or I will be Exodus 3:14. This present tense name reminds me that God does not live in the boundaries of time. Jesus uses John 8:58 when He claims that He is God. The crowd promptly attempts to stone Him as further proof that they did not believe Jesus was God and was worthy of the punishment of blasphemy.

2. The Question of Identity –
Who am I can be answered by Psalm 8:5 as while we rank below the angles God was willing to send Jesus for us. The esteem that God gives to us is higher than the animals as we are given charge of the animals Genesis 2:19 and the earth. Our worth is also displayed in that the God of Heaven was willing to come to earth and take on flesh to bring us redemption from His own wrath against us in the form of Jesus Christ in John 3:16. We were created in the image of God and Adam walked with God in the garden in Genesis 3:1-8 this shows we have a different relationship with God than do the animals.

3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose – We were made for God and to be used by Him says Deuteronomy 11:13. While God needs nothing and is complete without us we are not. We need a purpose and God in His great wisdom gave Adam a job to do in the garden. In John17:3 we find that God wants to have a restored relationship with us. The longer we are saved the more we become like Him and the more we are challenged to become more like Him.

4. The Question of Morality – Since Adams sin in Genesis 3:12 man has experienced the blight of sin this can also be seen in Psalm 51:5. Separated from God we would have no hope except for the grace of Jesus Christ in Ephesians 2:8-10. The sin nature