Essay on What Is the Cost of the Good Life?

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Throughout history all over the world, humans have been searching for their own “good life”. What each person’s good life is and what it takes to attain that life differs greatly across all aspects of humanity, causing it to require much time and effort for each person to discover their concept of a good life. This makes sense because of the vast differences in beliefs, experiences, and opinions that also play a part in constructing a large gap in social and financial statuses. For every human the sacrifices and benefits that come with finding one’s good life are considered the cost it took to get there, and each cost has a different amount of an impact on a person’s journey. Finding a partner and love seems to be a common theme …show more content…
As we go through life pursuing to be the person we want to be, it is important for us to set goals and morals to follow and abide by to guide us and keep us focused. Having these ideals to live by keeps a person on track to what they want and how they wish to get it. When we stray from this guidance, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn, but it is mostly a test of our internal strength to not give up or lose ourselves. Straying away is a great cost because it can set a person back greatly and distract them from what they really want in life. Losing this focus is not something that people want but often do in their pursuit of a good life. It is very common for a person’s idea of a good life to be finding a partner to love and spend the rest of their life with. But finding this partner and love almost always comes at a cost, and the repeating cost in history is a missed opportunity. Whether it is an opportunity to learn or an opportunity to prove to yourself your mental strength, each one is very important to the pursuit of a good life. When opportunities pass you by in life, it is impossible to go back and take the opportunity, but it is very easy to learn to not focus on a single thing so much but instead to keep moving forward in life and always look out for other things to help you find your good life and become the person you want to