What It Is to Know Nino Brown Descriptive Essay

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What It Is To Know Nino Brown
Jeanette Olaya
ENG121 English Composition
Professor Brent Lee
February 4, 2013

What It Is To Know Nino Brown It was a summer’s day in August of 2006. I had just closed on the purchase of my first home. My family and I had wanted a loyal companion so I started to search online adoptions for dogs, specifically for a Boxer. I had recently done research on a medium size breed that would be loyal but as well as a great guard dog. I had always known of the Boxer breed to be all these positive traits as well as the perfect loyal companions. During my search online, I came across a large, intimidated looking male Boxer.
I contacted the dog owner who had a posting on craiglist.com and she informed me of her reasons why she had to make the difficult decision in putting him up for adoption. She explained that she was moving to an apartment that did not allow dogs. She had two children in the same age range as mine so I decided to take my children to meet the dog. We were so excited to meet this dog as in his pictures that she had emailed me he looked very healthy and friendly. She explained her husband had his ears cropped and that his shots were all up to date. I was satisfied with the information so we all packed into our minivan and drove down to a housing project in Lower East Side in Manhattan. We arrived at this red tall brick building where it had its exact twin to the left and right of it. We saw this sizeable dog run straight toward us and I had the quick sense of doubt come across my mind since he seemed intimidating but as we got to sit with him for a few minutes, we couldn’t help but fall in love with this big bear of a dog.
She told us she named him Nino Brown after a character in a movie called New Jack City which ironically was based in the lower east side projects of New York City. Since his ears were cropped he had a batman look to him. He had sizeable paws similar to a lion. His legs were strong and burly similar to a young stallion. His coat was short and shiny as gorgeous as that of a young mare.
We brought Nino home