What It Really Meet Your Personal And Professional Needs

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As a student, I had taken during the studies various courses ranging from relevant courses to boring courses, or from demanding courses to easy to forget ones. But I frequently asked myself “Does this course really help me for what I had chosen to do?” After many years I came to realize that a foolproof method for determining if the course is worthwhile is checking if it encompasses the following three features: it meets your personal and professional needs, it is demanding, and it is given by a competent instructor.
The first thing I do when I have to choose a course is checking if it meets my needs. A suitable course helps me in my future career and gives me personal satisfaction. For example, if I am planning to obtain a degree in engineering, a mechanical physics class would be better that the art history. But if I am really interested in psychology, and I want to know more about this subject, I will undoubtedly follow a psychology class, even though it is not directly correlated with engineering. Completing a course like this increases my satisfaction level and also my self-esteem.
Secondly, a demanding and intense course is very important for me. Having to complete a consistent amount of homework, and to read many materials in a short period of time could only lead to quickly expanding my knowledge of that matter which is so much sought in the professional world. Moreover, it gives me a taste of the real world in which you have to surpass your limits. An intense course teaches you how to concentrate better, to prioritise, and finish your work in a short period of time.
Thirdly, I strongly believe that a competent instructor can make the difference between a worthwhile course and a terrible one. A good teacher shows you exactly where to look for information, which helps you progress quickly. Furthermore, a