What Literature Means To Me

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To me literature is generally expressing stories. When a story is told it must be significant and should stand for something that comprehends useful concepts that the person who reads can practice in their future. A good quality of good literature is being attention-grabbing by just seeing the paperback cover, if you have people recommending it for you to read or if the designed outline offered is memorable and readers may become betrothed to it by analyzing the summary. Basically literature can be in any method and can be a narrative prepared about experiences of others’ lives, a narrative of a champion or something modest where a moral message is knowledgeable. I myself do not like to read at all. It is hard to stay focused because of some the medication I take and sometimes it is hard to read a page and understand it without reading it over again. I read when I have to read for class. I don’t like to long books. I do like to read magazines sometimes. I am trying to do better and read more informative books because I like to learn new things and reading does help increase my vocabulary. I read at home is when I need to read one for my kid before bedtime. When not reading too much work related documents, I also find time to read my favorite magazine which is a how to do it book- it is a dirt bike magazine which I used to gain information to help me with my bike and other stuffs I need and I want to do. This type of books piques my interest because I love learning new things. I am the type of person who reads firstbefore doing stuff not that I question those who do things on their own andlearns from their mistakes. I would rather spend my time reading to learnhow to do it right rather than spending the whole day learning how to dosuch thing like remodeling of my own house or carpentry. I also find it interesting to read theories that can help me in the future like how to work inbusiness or start business ventures and plans and reading stories of successful businessmen. I know that the stories they are sharing are thosewith lessons that I might learn from especially those who started as poorones.When I am reading I make sure to take note of the interesting thingsthat I am reading