What Makes America Great

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One of the reasons America is great is that it’s peoples continually ask questions and seek to better the world. This quality combined with laws and ideals stemmed from the word of God makes for an ever growing nation. While it also caused some issues (the civil war for example) the idea of humility and willingness to change is very present in America and in it’s peoples. As long as this quality is paired with the absolute morals of the bible, only good can come. America has utilized this combination well in the past, if its peoples had not challenged each other with the backing of the bible (which teaches basic human rights and the sacredness of life) slavery would still exist. If the women of America had not fought, pushed and challenged for equality, they would still not be allowed to vote. However, we see how our nation has fallen away from the ideals of the bible and has gone to the extreme in questioning the laws and ethics we are given. People have forgotten humility and hospitality when proposing new ideas. The idea of questioning and challenging in humility and Godly love has dissipated somewhat, in it’s place are individuals demanding that their sinful desires be made law. …show more content…
We must continue to question and challenge as our forefathers did, we must do so in love and with biblical limitations and laws, that is what makes America great and what will continue to make it