Essay on What Makes Great Gatsby a Classic

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A classic novel is a story that men and woman can relate to from any generation and location. A classic lets people have a deeper understanding of the world around them through universal topics and timeless themes. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925 and set during 1922 displays all these characteristics through the involvement and ultimate corruption of the American Dream and the love story between Daisy and Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is set in post WWI America and at the time, the American dream was for any hardworking person to be able to achieve success and happiness regardless of their background or social class. This was a time of great change and revolution with the roaring twenties and rising middle class. …show more content…
At the same time Wilson discusses Myrtle with his friend about how she admitted she was having an affair and how she could not hide from the eyes of god. He sees the eyes of Dr Eckleburg and believes they are the eyes of God and whoever ran Myrtle over must be her lover. He finds Tom who tells him that the driver was Gatsby. Filled with anguish and despair, he arrives at Gatsby’s house to find him floating in the pool and proceeds to shoot him then shoot himself. “It was after we started with Gatsby towards the house that the gardener saw Wilson’s body a little way off the grass, and the holocaust was complete.”

The American dream is that as long as you work hard, you can earn yourself a successful and happy life regardless of your race or social background. Mr Gatsby had worked as hard as anyone could work for his own particular dream. These two dreams parallel each other and at the end, both end tragically. Gatsby and Daisy had a connection between them and what they had was a love story. These qualities is what makes The Great Gatsby a classic novel where anyone from anywhere would be able to relate to this story and learn valuable life lessons from