What Makes Me Feel Rage Essay

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What Makes Me Feel Rage

There are many things that get people upset. Something as simple as an inadvertent kick to the back of the shoe to something as hectic and dangerous as road rage. What puts me over the top, is MTA etiquette.

So, on a busy day for mass transit, there comes a time when I'm sitting in a space that's supposed to fit two people. Due to my size, a person of equal size wouldn't fit in the other space as comfortably as they would want to. Unfortunately, you always have that one person who views that open seat as an "amazing opportunity for comfort," and tries to squeeze themselves into that small spot. This makes me furious. When that happens, I immediately relax myself to absorb the entire area so when they sit down, its the worst experience ever and they eventually give up.

Sometimes it doesn't necessarily go my way, and it becomes a matter of who can make each other feel the most uncomfortable than the other. If i feel like don't really want to be bothered, the best way to diffuse the situation is to either get up and find another seat or just stand for the duration of the ride.

There are a few funny things that almost always happens when i look back on what happened. First, is that face we make we he/she realizes that I'm not moving, its priceless. They have that expression, "Excuse me, aren't you going to move over?" NO. Secondly, is the shoving war that goes on between the both of us, its quite