What Makes Things Cool? How Antinomy Influencences Influences Perceived Coolness?

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1) Business Source Complete:
Business Source Complete database is full descriptive form of business related journals with more active and detailed information. It is current most used and most interactive database than any others. It provides all the text form information in the field of business, finance, management and marketing. It also provide access to different business and industrial market report from data monitor and country reports from EIU, Country watch and Business monitor.
Article: What makes things cool? How Antinomy Influences Perceived Coolness.
The current business firms as well as industrial sectors are completely dependent in technologies. They use this technology for easy, detailed and complete information. It makes them easier to interact with customers and to keep the records. The accuracy of information is higher than before when these technologies were not introduced. Business firms can keep the record for a long time and give more accurate information.
Yes, this technology is trendy and they could go a long way with better improvement and changes.
If we see, the new technology is emerged with the technologies that are used before. The trend goes with the idea that are already used and improvised with current demand. The necessity and competition between different business firms makes them more aggressive to emerge as well as the demand makes them more specified and improvised.
2) Science & Technology Collection:
The database consists of 800 full text journal related to the field of science and technology community. The topic related to this field is really wide and vast. They include computer technology, geology, aviation, physics, material science, chemistry, marine sciences and aeronautics.
Article: Seeds of a Cure.