Essay about What Makes Up a Happy Family

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What Makes Up a Happy Family Is There Such A Thing?
Estefania Ayala
Keiser University

Family is important as it is also important to have a happy family. We might think at times what makes a happy family? Is there such a thing as a happy family? Or is it possible to have a happy family. Having a happy family as we all might know is not an easy task to do, but it is neither impossible. What we can do is search for element to guide us through a happy family. I understand that no one is perfect therefore; there is no perfect happy family. We will learn that a happy family is unique and different from other happy families since we are all different human beings.

What Makes Up a Happy Family Is There Such A Thing? “All happy
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“Families that eat together, stay together. It’s that simple. Family dinners are essential, it’s a time to connect, Boteach says.” (Mann, 2012) Sitting down at the table with the family will bring the family together which equals to a happy family. Moreover, when the family is together sitting at the table it give the family the opportunity to share ideas, adventures, and stories to make fun and desirable to eat together. It’s a moment the family should be able to start a conversation. The table should be surrounded by smiles, laughter, jokes, ideas, and plans for future vacations. It is important to play together. “Have one or two unifying activities that the family does together on a nightly basis, boteach says.” (Mann, 2012) Playing is not the only fun but it will help your family distress. Another activity that you will be able to do on nightly basis is read a bed time story that you make up or by reading a bed time book. On the other hand if you have older children maybe pillow fighting in the living room will be perfect to end the night. This will lower the stress level of everyone and leave everyone sleeping relaxed and happy. On the other hand, everything that we have just read is tips, a guide to a happy family. The truth is that a family that does everything mentioned with no problems what so ever, it would be a perfect happy family. Something that we might all know is that perfect