What Makes a Good Children's Book? Essay

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The beautiful story “And Tango Makes Three” is very intriguing to me. It appears to be such a playful approach for kids to the diversity of the community they live in.
For children, growing up in the society of San Francisco, this is most likely a more familiar topic anyway than it might be for kids residing in rather conservative areas. Parents and caregivers in such areas may unfortunately even not care at all about introducing stories about gay relationships to their offspring. If they’d be open for it though I think this story is a great pick to start with. More progressive homes and childcare setups will surely love this book also for the timid introduction of a family with two dads. The penguins do all look alike speaking for a community with no obvious differences. Like their non-biased peers also their keeper does not wonder much about the male penguin couple. The story focuses rather on the similarities of hetero- and homosexual relationships, and their possible urge to grow a family amongst others. First of all though the penguin couple needs to learn where the penguin babies come from, which teaches the reading kids at the time, too. This could almost be considered as a general approach to challenges a (gay) couple may have to face in order to have a child, and that adoption could be a possibility for any couple.
I’m not sure whether it is an original part of the book or added by the person posting the story, but at the end of the story a rather biased comment got included: ”It’s sad, when the