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How to be a good Salesman
ArticleThere are many salesman in the world, from retail to high class representatives. Although there are many salesmen, there are not a lot of, typically good salesmen. To standout from the good and just plain basic salesmen, you would need to learn one essential quality: Healthy Self Esteem. This quality would definitely dissociate you from just a salesman and a good salesman. Therefore, making you a good salesman.
To be a good salesman you would need to have a healthy self esteem.
Meaning, to be able to cope with basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness. A healthy self esteem is key in being a good salesman because it gives you an advantage in breaking the tension in the atmosphere between you and your client. For example, majority of employees in a store ask if you need any help.
When they do, it is with respect and a positive attitude that makes you comfortable enough to ask questions. If a salesman can not do so, they are not a good salesman and won’t be able to make a successful sale, which also repels customers.
In response to the article, I too agree that a healthy self esteem is a key quality to possess, mainly because I have a healthy self esteem. Most would describe me as outgoing and a peoples person. These are star qualities a person with a high self esteem also have. I am not the one to approach people with timidness and is not able to spark conversation with another. I feel as if I am almost a good salesman myself.
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How to be a good Salesman
To be a good salesman you don’t only have to possess good qualities but know one thing. There are four words to never use in sales that you would need to know. That is, “May I Help You?”. Its the NO, DON’T DO IT phrase.
Another way to be a good salesman is to never in your life use, “May I help you?”, to a customer in need of assistance. In sales that would be the most inevitable shoot down. People have a distinctive reaction to that phrase, which is,
“No im just looking around.” If you were to use this phrase to a person who just walked in to the store and, for example, is looking for red and pink…