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After reviewing the hospital and health system, and analyzing its services and organizational structure, I think Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is one of the top 100 hospitals because they are No. 1 among state and local hospitals, and placed in the top five nationally, according to a U.S. News & World Report survey. Additionally, they are ranked 'Best in West' for 23rd consecutive year in annual survey.

The architecture of UCLA Medical Center is new and replacing their older facilities around the same area because it was suffered moderate interior structural damage. It was a disaster that led to several hospitals severely damaged and injured many people. This new hospital is named after the late President of the United States and Governor of California Ronald Reagan.

There is a reason why they are the top hospitals in United States and that Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is one of the top 3 that provides 15 specialties. These additional centers were added because of a “strong record of high performance … in one or more specialties,” according to the U.S. News Best Regional Hospitals website. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has research centers covering nearly all major specialties of medicine as well as dentistry and is the primary teaching hospital for the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. UCLA's was the only heart transplant program in the U.S. to be ranked at the silver level. Among the 744 solid-organ donation programs ranked by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), only 10 earned silver status, and only one, a liver transplant program in Florida, earned gold.

One of the factors that have allowed the UCLA Medical Center to be the best hospital is the availability of funding. These funds come from both the government, as the facility is owned by the government, as well as internal sources. This funding gives the hospital the ability to