What Mastery Skills Have You Developed with Knowelegde from Activies from Outside of School? Essay

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In pursuing my interests outside of my high school I have developed skills and knowledge that helped carry me through just my joining a club track team. I have experienced being on a team sport, I find that it is better for me. Track to me is one of the best sports in the world for me. I am experienced in this type of sport and can say boldly that you cannot win the game alone, because other players support is vital. Sometimes I lose my confidence or motivation and do not know what to do in the on the track or cannot run at all, as if it is the first time I started running in my life. This feeling comes especially when its championship time. But my confidence comes right back when my teammates are right there for me when I need them.

Sports in general improve our strength of will. We have so many barriers in our life. When we play sports, we also have some bar that we need to overcome. Due to our daily trainings and strong schedule, we come closer to the target step-by-step. Once we will attain the aim. For example, when I was small and was running track, it was hard for me to get up every morning and go to trainings. However, I had a clear-cut aim to be included on a team to take part in competitions. After years of such practice, I am disciplined and can organize myself. Track meets help teach us to survive a failure. On the average, you have fifty percent to win and fifty percent to lose in sports competitions. When you lose, you must not give up, analyze your