what not to do when you babysit Essay

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Natasha Collins
Professor Wagers
ENG 111-05
February 10, 2014

What not to do when you babysit

Have you ever wondered what you shouldn’t do hen babysitting other people’s children? Well wonder no more my friend! Today you will learn steps to improve your technique and not get fired. Knowing all this will make you a great babysitter. No more mistakes for you! So let the adventures begin, don’t waste time and begin to read.
Alright step one, do not let the kids go hungry, make sure to have snacks and/or meals prepared. Find out from the parent(s) what the child is allowed to eat, or what they like. If it’s a baby make sure you have a bottle ready. Babies can be really fussy when hungry. Another thing is do not let the child go to the kitchen without supervision. They could get a hold of a sharp object and severely harm themselves, and trust me you do not want a lawsuit on your hands.
Step two; do not have anyone over without permission. The child should not be exposed to such things. No sex at all, wait till you leave the child’s care completely before engaging in such activities. It is highly inappropriate to explain the birds and the bees to someone else’s child. The child may ask too many questions and that will have the parents very upset. If you want to have friends over at the house make sure to ask first. Just explain to them that it will make you feel better to have company. Lastly, no drugs around the child at all! If you smoke make sure to go outside and…