What Our Education System Needs Is More F's

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Receiving More F’s In School?
For anyone who has attended school before has received a bad grade, but what about an F? In the article “What Our Education System Needs Is More F’s,” Carl Singleton recommends that students are going to class, but are not learning at a satisfactory level. Singleton suggests that teaching quality is bad with attention on passing students from the class to the next without assuring their learning meets the minimum requirements. Singleton believes that if the education system would raise the standards to receiving better grades and start giving more F’s, then students will have to work more to get the grades they want. He also thinks that parent’s poor involvement makes students not want to try as hard in learning the work since they aren’t helped or educated by someone who knows how students learn. We must first understand how giving more F’s changes the students, family, and schools themselves. When a student is given an F, is not only affects the school, and student, but also the society. By giving a lot of F’s, we first must take a look at the cause and issue this will bring to our society. Singleton must realize that almost all of our school-aged children are from the result of a single-parent family, or parents that work two jobs. When a parent receives a report card in the mail with a page full of F’s, this will not only create a hostile environment in the home between the child and parent, but also the spouse. When giving more F’s, this could lead to arguments between the over-stress parents, and could possibly trouble the child’s studying habit, or the drive to want better grades. This in turn could be the effect of giving more F’s in school. Giving all F’s does not leave all the responsibility on just the parents. For example, Singleton responds this would “force principles, school boards, and voters to come to terms with costs”. There would be more spending money on hiring school tutors, or having teachers continuing to work overtime to bring students up to an acceptable level to pass. This would in turn cost more money leaving taxes to be raised for tax payers. Upset parents would then become more aware of problems within the school system, who will then contact their school district council members which would lead to more problems. Easily giving F’s is not going to correct all the problems hidden in the education systems. Somewhat due to the basis that students would either give up trying in school, drop out or not want to school at all creating percentages to increase. With giving F’s, I do not mean to say I