What Personal Responsibility Means to Me Essay

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Personal Responsibility
Having a successful life and future all depends on your accountability. Responsibility not only proves to yourself, but to others that you are determined to be an excellent dependable person. People try to escape responsibility while others try to gain and take as much responsibility as they can, thanks to society (Olson, 1963). Liability to me means having moral obligations, self-control, and good character. Having those qualities makes people know that you are a trustworthy person and that they can depend on you when it comes to any issue or help them with what they might need. If people know or believe they can depend on you when it comes to work, school, or social life, I believe that it will help you strive towards success. The more people know you are a trusty and reliable person, they more people will know and that will take you higher in the success ladder.
People may confuse responsibility with college success but one does not equal the other. One can be very responsible with work, finances, cleaning and setting priorities but may not be liable to get a good education for them. College success helps you get a career and create a great education for yourself, and responsibility helps you make other see you accountable for your actions. Moral obligations for example is something you learn from responsibility, which helps you to organize and prioritize life situations and juggle work, school, and any other hobbies one has. In the article Responsibility the author Olsen W.E. had four main points that he believed were the four fundamentals of being responsible, in which he called the Constituents of Responsibility; 1. Responsiveness of one’s freedom to choose or act, 2. A set of principles which one has picked, 3. A will to act in an agreement with those standards, and 4. A need to be responsible for their actions (Olson, 1963). College success will help you become responsible but that does not mean you will be more responsible. I believe that one does not equal the others, people will always have choices and will always choose what they want, not necessarily what is best for them. Therefore one must be responsisble in order to be successful in every aspect of life. College succes is like a guidance to help you out on becoming trustful and accountable.
Being able to control your time and emotions is also a big aim for being liable. Sometimes ones emotions overcome the correct thought process and choose to be wrong, or receive a bad outcome. I’m very emotionally person and in all circumstances my emotions always win the best of me and make me make decisions that I necessarily do not need or want. Managing your time is also a main factor for having responsibility, being capable of handling you time wisely and prioritizing your schedule with the right amount of time for each task is a great quality anyone can have. School, work, and social work all have now thought me to manage my time and prioritize the more important things I must do. I must not follow my emotions, I must think with my brain and think what I have to do now and what I can do later. Emotions and time go hand in hand because if you are very emotional and make your decisions based on your feelings, you won’t use your time cleverly or rationally. That’s why I will make my education my number one obligation. I will not let my emotions, for example; laziness and bad habits interfere with my education. I will prioritize my assignments and give each of them more time than I usually do. Sometimes I fell everyone is responsible not because they have to or want to is because it’s what society is asking us to do. Others see and believe that responsibility could be a weakness, when it really is not, it is a foundation of power.
Good character to me also plays a big role in responsibility. Having a good attitude and being dependable, trustworthy, and accountable for your words and actions is a great trait any person can have. Good character