What Personal Skills Would You Want To Improve?

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What personal skills would you like to improve? (e.g. time managing, questioning skills)

As part of undertaking this apprenticeship I have the personal aim of improving my mathematics knowledge and understanding so that I can complete my GCSE mathematics qualification. I would also like to obtain qualifications in learning support so that I can go on to have a long term career within this field.

Patient collapsed
Recently at work a patient started struggling to breathe and collapsed to his knees. Being one of the first on scene I quickly made the immediate area safe, removing any obstructions and helping him to be seated. I quickly began preparing medical equipment for doctors who were arriving at the scene so they could begin treating him as quickly as possible. At this point, whilst my colleagues were seeing to his physical needs, I offered reassurance to other patients and moved them from the area so that they did not become distressed. Due to the quick reactions from my team and I, the patient made a full recovery.

For a short period of time, at my former place of work I was asked to undertake tasks in an administrative role. As part of this, a senior member of staff asked me to complete data audits to ensure that patients’ information had all been input correctly and that their care plans were up to date. I was given a strict deadline as to when this needed to be completed as well as having other duties to carry out. This is something I would never