What Role Did Women Play In The American Revolution Essay

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What Role Did Women Play In The American Revolution? When one thinks of the American Revolution, one usually remembers the famous men who led the movement, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson. These men risked their lives for their country, boldly defying the King of England and rising up against tyranny. They fought for our independence and built up our nation from the ashes and ruin of war and strife. They are the great founders of our nation. However, the old adage is true: “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman.” Great women they were, indeed. The founding fathers would have never succeeded in their cause if it was not for the sacrifices and strength of the colonial women. They are the unsung heroes of the American Revolution, forever in the shadow of their husbands, brothers, and fathers. Cokie Roberts’ Founding Mothers recounts the forgotten stories of these great women, who served as a backbone for the founding of our nation. Throughout the war, while the men were dealing with political affairs or fighting in the battlefields, the women played their part in various ways such as spreading patriotism among the colonies, managing domestic affairs, contributing to the war effort, and participating directly in the fighting through combat and espionage. In …show more content…
Started and led by Esther DeBerdt Reed⁴, The Ladies Association of Philadelphia had women working as canvassers, “[setting] out in pairs, dividing the city among them, and [going] door-to-door asking for donations” (Roberts 124-5). The organization became a widespread success, spreading across the colonies and opening new branches in various cities (Roberts 126-7). Together, “the ladies had raised more than $300,000” (Roberts 128) and used the funds to make 2,200 shirts for the soldiers, each with the name of the lady who made it embroidered on it (Roberts