What Role Does Fate Play In Macbeth

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In “Macbeth” time damaged the couple by the lost relationships, damages, and the couples irrationality. In “Macbeth,” Ambitious Macbeth becomes damaged by killing King Duncan. For example, Macbeth made a great effort to kill a higher individual who someone should not consider of killing. Because of Macbeth’s ambition, he killed people to become king quickly instead of letting fate decide it. Fate vs. Free will played a huge role in how Macbeth became damaged. Due to Lady Macbeth’s involvement, she began to sleepwalk and saw visions of blood. In addition, Macbeth’s guilt made him see an illusion of Banquo’s ghost. In the beginning of the story, Macbeth also sees a bloody dagger on his dangerous trip to kill King Duncan. Sadly, Macbeth had