What Role Does Justice Play In Hamlet

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The role Justice plays in Hamlet’s internal conflicts are through his religion, morality, and human reason. In the poem, there was a Ghost who claimed to be Hamlet’s father, the Ghost looked for Hamlet to tell him what happened to him. When Hamlet follows the Ghost he listened to how he claims how his father died and realizes that his father did not die of natural causes which were what he had originally thought. The Ghost asks Hamlet to avenge him but it is not in his nature to kill so he decides to devise a plan on how he is going to kill Claudius. Although Hamlet is convinced that the Ghost may actually be his father, he believes that God should be the judge and the punisher of the incestuous couple. After some time of thinking though, through his religion thinks that the Ghost may be the Devil himself. Although the Ghost may have given Hamlet a good reason to kill his uncle, he also considers the fact that it is not in his nature to kill. In the poem in (act 2, scene 2) he is brutally criticizing himself by saying he is “But I am pigeon-liver'd and lack gall To make oppression bitter,” he says this because he has all the right reasons to follow through with avenging his Father’s death, but he doesn’t have the courage to kill his uncle. Furthermore, he has everyone in Denmark believing that he is going …show more content…
The way Hamlet decides if he is actually going to follow through with avenging his father, he devises a plan on how to see if Claudius is truly guilty of murdering Hamlet’s father. Nevertheless, Hamlet decides to hire actors to act out a murder scene such as was supposedly depicts how Hamlet’s father died. If Claudius would react unjustly, or carelessly, it would be known that Claudius had murdered Hamlet’s father to gain access to the Crown of