What Social Issues Address From The Civil War Reconstruction

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What did you find out from this video that you might not learn anywhere else? This was the first time that I've seen a movie about the Civil War from the South's perspective. While it is certainly biased, it was still interesting to see how the Southerner's felt after the war. It also gives an interesting spin on the generic "romance during a war" troupe.
What other documents or historical evidence are you going to use to help you understand this event or topic? Any basic knowledge about the Civil War and events during it (like Sherman's March) would be enough for this movie, as its main goal is to entertain rather than educate. To help understand Scarlett's character, however, I would probably need to read up a bit about women during the Civil War and the 1930s, because as Ebert says in his review, "[Scarlett was] the spiritual sister of Rosie the Riveter," and not quite a woman from the 1860s.
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This film addresses how the South needed to assimilate back into the United States after the Civil War, and how the divide between North and South had not really been healed at all. It also mentions the KKK and slavery, but those (at least in the film) are mostly glossed over. Unfortunately, the African Americans in the film are stereotyped as dumb and overly obedient workers or rowdy freedmen and slavery is treated very lightly. However, it does depict the horrors of war and the loss of family fairly, something that other films set during that time may have glorified instead. It also touches upon how heavily taxed and monetarily unfair the actual Reconstruction was. The tax raise on Tara, the Yankee deserter, and carpetbaggers all show just how willing people were to take advantage of a recovering nation and a recovering people just to make a