What Students Should Focus On During Their Education?

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Carlo Infantino
May 8, 2013
English 100
What Students should focus on during their education?
Something I really feel strongly about when it comes to learning and not just getting a good grade is that some classes are graded on a bell type curve (where only a certain percentage of students will get an A). I know not all classes are like that, but those that are I think should stop grading that way. That basically just makes me want others to fail because I don’t completely control my own grade. In general, the best way to get me to learn and internalize material is repetition. The focus on tests (how most classes the grade is based at least 60 or 70 percent on test scores alone) doesn’t really help me learn. It makes me want to cram to get a good grade on the test. More homework assignments based on test material would not only help me study throughout the semester, but not have as much pressure for one or two tests. In turn, that would make a consistent pattern of learning conducive for long-term memory as opposed to short-term memory cramming. During many of my classes I have felt like what the professor is teaching will aide me throughout my life. But seriously, until teachers, graduate programs, and scholarships stop looking at and analyzing grades, students cannot and should not forget about grades. Grades are essential and must be a priority for any student hoping to keep a scholarship or go to graduate school. I feel that too much of our grades depend on two or three tests or one very large assignment throughout the semester. As a result, I feel more stress and pressure than should be necessary and just cram. Thus, the day after the test or the paper is turned in; I forget almost all of the information that was needed. I think a possible solution could be a bit more repetition