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ESOL 92F13
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Section 31710
Professor Mrs. Malm
Summary/ Reaction Paper
Draft 1

Summary & Reaction: Super Size Me

In the beginning of this movie which shows that the problems of obesity is a major health

problem in the United States, it has all over 60 of percentage of all Americans are either

overweight or obese. Basically, obesity which has been linked to hypertension, heart disease,

stroke, adult onset diabetes and breathlessness. And, Hypertension is one of the most

common side effects of obesity!

As the part of the beginning, Spurlock, who is the main character and the director of this film.

He is going to show how dangerous it’s the McDonald’s food. So he is going to be a part of

this experiment of this film which shows that the effects of McDonald’s food. Spurlock has

specific of the rules for himself in these thirty days for his eating habits. Firstly, Spurlock must

be able fully eat three McDonald’s meals in a every single day and every single time, which

includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also could not walk more than the average American

exercises each day. Then, he must only eat those items that are offered on the McDonald’s

menu, which includes a bottled of water. If he asked by the food from McDonald’s if he

would like the meal super sized, he has to say yes. And by the end of the thirty days, he will

have had to have eaten every single menu item at least once. Because he could only eat

McDonald’s food for a month. Before his experiment, he is seen by three physicians who

helps for Spurlock’s body, which was a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, and a general

practitioner. As well as a nutritionist and a personal trainer for his health diet and physical.

At the first of few week, Spurlock ate a varied diet but always had vegan evening meals

to appease his girlfriend, Alexandra, who is a vegan chef which managed Spurlock’s diet at

the first week before the experiment started. At the beginning of the experiment, Spurlock,

who stood 6 feet 2 inches tall, had a body weight of 185.5 lbs. On February 1, Spurlock starts

the month with breakfast at McDonald’s in his hometown which is Manhatten where there is

an average of over than five McDonald’s locations. He feels so great when he order some

McDonalds’s food, which means that McDonald’s food is convenient and good enough for a

good morning.

Also, the price is pretty cheap to get meals or combo which includes regular size of drink,

and French fries. But the problems of these things is they are not so health for people diet.

So that is the reason why most of Americans are obese so easily. At this week, the new diet

did not make a huge difference to Spurlock. On February 2, Spurlock order his first Super Size

meal at the McDonald’s, which happens to be a meal made of a Double Quarter Pounder

with Cheese, Super Size French fries, and a 42 ounce. Coke, which takes about 22 minutes to


Unfortunately, he is vomiting a super sized meal out of his car window. That is gross! He

learned that he was gaining almost over a pound for a day, and his