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Mrs. Martinez

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2 September, 2013


After analyzing the lyrics, I can infer the song is about, one spreading the

word about god and teaching other people about GOD. Second is Lecrae (the singer)

singing about how GOD can change you and your life like how GOD changed his life.

Last of all is Lecrae doesn’t understand why GOD is doing these amazing things to

change his life, when Lecrae has done bad things and sinned much. Hope you

enjoy my song.

“ Tell the world, tell ‘em, yeah im a billboard, Tell the world ,tell ‘em,

And I’m Broadcasting like a radio, Tell the world, you ought to know, im brand new”

Lecrae is trying to say that he is going to tell the world about GOD and spread the world.

The other thing he is trying to say is that he changed, as in “im brand new”. By

broadcasting like A radio and being a billboard is saying that he is making a statement for

everyone to here. That is what the chorus is trying to say to the audience.

“You did what they could never do, you cleaned up my soul and gave me a

new life.” Verse 1 is trying to say that GOD has changed his life and forgiven his sins.

“You did what they could never,” is saying no one but you can do that as in speaking to

GOD. “You cleaned my soul and gave me a new life,” is saying that GOD has forgiven

His sins and by giving him a new life, he made him a Christian.

“I gave you no reason to give me new seasons, to give new life, new breathing

but you hung there bleedin’, and you died for my lies and my cheatin’, my lust and my

greed, what is a man that you mindful of him? And what do I have to deserve this…