What to Do Before and After a Job Interview Essay examples

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Topic: How to stand out in an interview
General Purpose: To inform my audience
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to stand out before and after a job interview
Thesis: There are 4 things to also remember to do before and after a job interview.
I. We have all been there before, sitting in front of an interviewer, sweating, trying our hardest to gain their respect and win the competition for a potential job. To be the top contender for a job it is more about how you prepare before the interview and the way you present yourself after. While I was a senior in high school I was given the daunting task of hiring people for the company I worked for. After going through many interviews I realized that even the most qualified people would not be chosen if they were not presenting themselves in the right manner.
II. Today I am going to give you the 4 most helpful tips that I have personally seen to be effective while trying to land a great job opportunity.
I. The first thing you need to do is be prepared and professional.
A. Before you even go into the interview it is incredibly important to do research on the company you are interviewing for.
a. More often than not the first question an interviewer is going to ask you is ‘what do you know about this company?’ Go to their website and make sure you write down and memorize the key facts of the business, what they pride themselves in, recognitions they have obtained, and employee reviews. This shows that you know a lot about the company and that you are eager for an opportunity.
b. Research potential interview questions and rehears how you will answer them.
c. When the interviewer asks the question “tell me about yourself” it does not mean tell me how you were raised. What they are asking you is what skills do you have to help this company and how dedicated will you be.

B. The next step is dressing appropriately.
a. Ted Corbitt, a journalist of Business to Community, states that what you wear to an interview is sometimes just as important as what you say. You have probably heard that first impressions are very important, and this applies full force to job interviewers.
b. He later says that you should always dress one step above the employees which means that if the current employees are wearing business casual you should wear business.
c. Also consider where it is you are applying for. You would not wear business attire if applying at a smoke shop for instance.

C. Now that you have information on the company and that you know what to wear it is now time to go to the interview. It is vital that you are on time to an interview.
a. On time mean between ten to fifteen minutes early.
b. Don’t be too early. When you are too early for an interview it may stress out the interviewer because it would look bad on the company if people saw you waiting for an interview for 30-40 minutes because companies have a customer service reputation to up hold and it looks like the hiring manager could be the one that is late, even though that is not the case.
c. You wouldn’t want to make the person you are trying to win over look bad.
D. When the interview is done and over with you are still not done. You still need to find a way to